Hello hello, for those among you who don’t own any 3D programm, are too lazy to download blender or are afraid of milkshape aka milkshit, I uploaded the bare UVs for all kinds of human meshes EA has. They maybe extremly helpful for making skins, clothes with no custom meshes, tattoos whatever guys.

Including all necessary am_, af_, pu_, bu_, cu_ files as PNG. (ofc transparent guys :>)

-> full body UVs, face Uvs, feet UVs, teeth UVs, eye UVs, scalp UVs etc.

HAVE FUN kids: DL (MEGA cause MF is a bitch today)

Btw some of you asked for a good non-default skin tutorial,here you go:

1 | 2| 3

a short guide how to create correctly positioned beautiful make up without losing too much nerves




Okay guys this is very important! I’m having way too much messages in my inbox but I’m way too busy to answer them all because my pharmacy studies are damn hard. I’ve to stay at university from 08 am to 18 pm and I need over an hour driveway yea that’s why I’m rly stressed and don’t…



[julies]Maison scotch blazer(accessory)

blazer is a accessory and it will be look so good if you use little or nothing other accessories

i hope you like it!Enjoy~~love ya<3

Special thanks:my dear plumb-barb make these amazing poses for me^_____^

Mesh edit + texture by me

  • One recolorable channels
  • Base Game compatible
  • Female-YA/Adult-Everyday/formal/sleep/athletic/outer
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


Loveeee ♥


[JS SIMS 3] Petter Pan Collar Top

mesh by me.

  • Available For:
  • Female - YA / Adult 
  • Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, Outerwear
  • Three recolorable channels
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


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Hello guys, another store hair retexture, from Dragon Valley

  • Teen-Elder
  • No Thumbs
  • All credits to EA for the mesh, Anubis for the control, and Pooklet for the texture

Download (.package)




It’s been 84 years and I’m finally uploading this TS3 conversion of the TS2 hair “Rosettes”. Available for females - for toddler—elder. Poly count is 1344.



oh my! this is wonderful!! thank-you!


sorry for lazy previews; this is an edit of jinglestartk’s sailor moon sweater.  i really liked the mesh i just wanted a non-sailor moon version too :3

for some mysterious reasons the sweater sometimes looks smudgy and blotchy with certain lighting even though i cleaned it up and smoothed it over in ps as best i could :/ it looks much better with patterns as you can see in the photos. 

totally recolorable and also has a version to have the sleeves be different color than torso cause that’s fun.  let me know if anything goes horribly wrong.  love joo gais (◔‿‿◔)

mesh credit: jinglestartk

please don’t reupload to anywhere.

»download big comfy sweater






morning_ Skysims Hair Adult 194 Edit

original mesh - 
Skysims Hair Adult 194
mesh edit - morning(me)




앜 귀욤ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


It’s my 1st Tumblr Birthday today so I thought I’d make my lovely followers a gift to say thank you for the past 365 days!
Also, with 4/20 only a few days away, I decided to make some 420 inspired tops & leggings as the first part of my thank you gift.

(click on pics for better previews, individual previews in the zip)

  • Available in both package & sims3pack format
  • Have been tested in game with no problems, but if you come across anything dodgy - just message me and let me know!

Download here.





Hello, dear friends! On the street spring, the sun is shining. I decided to do something gentle, sweet. Were as such blouses :) I Hope they will come to your taste. Enjoy the game!
Mech by the77sim3